UFORIA Ordering Info

Hey, my name is Brian MacDonald, a certified Utritionist and health coach.

I work for the most significant company in wellness history, UFORIA Science. Uforia offers customized nutrition based on your DNA. Each supplement is 100% unique to your specific genetic determined nutritional needs.

Good News! Uforia designer nutrition is now available in the United States and Canada. Start your DNA personalized nutrition program today.

When you order from this website, you will be placing your order directly with UFORIA Science using their secure software. (A new window opens, when you click the link below, that will take you directly to Uforia’s official ordering and information site.)

If the system asks you to enter a “referring member’s web ID”, you can use: marketing

If you have any questions about Uforia, just contact us and we’ll answer any questions that you have.

UFORIA Business Opportunity

I realize that a few entrepreneur-minded customers will be curious about the Uforia Science Income Opportunity. This is a very lucrative “work from home” health marketing position that some feel is a once in a lifetime opportunity. For those individuals, visit our careers page.

I’ve also included the following link to the UFORIA Resources Page which includes a wealth of knowledge on the product, the business opportunity and the compensation plan: