Admittedly, I had been a bit lax about taking my Utrition lately. I would take five one day and then forget the other five later in the day. Then, there were a few days I would get so busy and forget all together. Last week, I recommitted to the “fullness” of our program, after having some brain fog and low energy days. Today marks one week since I have been diligent…And this morning I felt IT! The clarity of focus. The energy. Incredible workout. My outlook on my life. Gratitude. ALL OF IT. Sometimes, (and sadly) we have to feel bad before we fully appreciate how amazing this product is. And what it does to you, and for you! I firmly believe our bodies operate similar to that of an operating system, on our computers. Over time, they collect malware, virus’s, etc. They slow down, run sluggish, etc. *This comes from failure to update, clean, and provide proper care. When they are consistently clean, updated, running the correct O.S. (Operating System) you strengthen the foundation, feel better, and are in a MUCH better position to combat what comes at you! Last night, I went back and read the ingredient list, in my personalized Nutrition. (I had not done that in awhile.) I looked at all of the amazing ingredients that were added, especially to address my specific SNPS, and was again wowed by the complexity and abundance of “goodness” in Utrition. Simply Put, I feel blessed and grateful to have discovered Utrition. I firmly believe EVERYONE should experience this wonderful product. Best, BMAC

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