Introduction to DNA Nutrition

The human genome project dates all the way back to the 90s and that’s actually where we learned that all of this was even possible. But it was still very new studies still many needed to be done and validated. And it cost an absolutely ridiculous amount of money to do it. Now we have far better technology and far better science to bring this into every single home in North America and soon beyond. So I want to briefly take this DNA nutrition process a step further and share why exactly this is so special and so unique. So let’s start with Patricia. Once you place your order for your DNA kit you’re going to receive your kit. And the 30 day supply of nutrition and help your body get back to balance and prepare it for your nutrition. So you’re your attrition is clearly the star of the show but don’t overlook the importance of prescription. The nutrition is a veggie capsule form in the plant in the form of one hundred plant based ingredients that are organic where possible non gmo vegan friendly. Gluten free ingredients that you’re going to take daily. I guarantee you it’s gonna…

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