Morning Ritual Practice

Morning Ritual Practice The Unbeatable Mind morning ritual is not like any other morning ritual I have seen.  It is another secret weapon of ours, so please be sure to enact this practice asap. The morning ritual has us engage our day in a “One Day, One Life” manner.  We start each day with gratitude and a positive mindset.  We contemplate our 3p’s, One Thing Mission and Stand. We will tweak our planned actions for the day to ensure alignment with these… then engage your body and mind in box breathing, movement, and visualization. The morning ritual is a complete five mountain integrated training session, which you will learn more about soon.  After just a few weeks of doing the practice, you will notice big changes in your focus, energy, and positivity all day long.  Let’s look at the steps: Morning Ritual Process Step 1. Drink a large glass of water (or two) and begin five minutes of box breathing. Step 2 After box breathing, continue deep diaphragmatic breathing, and contemplate your 3P’s, One Thing and Stand… with your journal, ask yourself these empowering questions: What and whom am I grateful for today? (Write down what comes up. Cultivate an attitude of…

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