Should You Quit Your Job To Follow Your Passion?

It’s the question every aspiring digital nomad has asked themselves at one point or another. Here’s what you actually need to consider. Most people have a mental image of them doing something they have wanted to do since their childhood. But as we grow older, responsibilities start to kick in and the dream that once was our driving force sits in a closet somewhere collecting dust. This is the case for most of us who feel they don’t belong to their current job, as it involves juggling work time and family time. And when we finally have some time to ourselves, we are too exhausted from work and family to do anything but rest. But what if you wanted to change that? What if this work-sleep-repeat cycle isn’t your jam? What if your dream is too important for you to forget? Should you quit your job entirely to pursue it? Well, let’s first take a look at what Steve Jobs had to say about it: “I would suggest you focus on both. you can not get success with hands in your pocket, and you can not achieve your passion without the help of others. Whatever your age is, it’s for…

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