Exercise to Improve Your 7-Figure Mindset

Here’s the SINGLE most IMPORTANT exercise you can do if you want to grow a Successful Business… It’ll take 10 minutes. (and it might make you cry….) Thousands of Entrepreneurs have done this exercise at this point. It’s changes everything because it allows you to see the true baselines & underlying issues in your business for the first time. Here’s the EXERCISE.I do it every single month. There are six core pillars you need to be thinking about in your business. Mindset Marketing  Sales  Operations / Product and Service Delivery Team  Finances  You can know exactly where you are going in your business in the next 30 and 90 days based on the Six Pillars Exercise. While while we do have a paid version of this 6 Pillars Assessment (where we go in-depth with 88 questions and you are then given a specific action plan for the next steps in your business), the free version above can easily be done by yourself & provide you with great insight. My recommendation:Go for a walk. Completely unplug from technology and clear your mind of the day to day hustle of your business. Take yourself out of the usual context you operate in (This is…

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