What Your DNA Tells You About Your Vitamin Needs

Genes, which are composed of strands of DNA, contain all the information that makes us us. Gene variations arise from random mutations and mixtures of our parents’ genes and help us distinguish ourselves from everybody else. These variations can be normal, benign or harmful. Since genes control the way we digest, absorb, and utilize nutrients, variations can change the way our bodies process vitamins and minerals. Gene variations can turn helpful vitamins into harmful ones, and vice-versa. There’s just one very big problem: how this is handled out in the real world. So why do so many of us take articles on vitamins and minerals* at face value? About which are good for us, which are bad, and what doses everyone should take. It might be the notion that nutrients aren’t “medicine”. They’re just something you take that may or may not benefit you, something supplemental. So this information must be harmless, right? Genetic Variations Not quite. The fact is, people have an average of 2,000 genetic variations that impact health. Some of these variations are harmful, some are not, and some may make nutrients that benefit others completely useless to you. The fact is, everyone has unique nutrient requirements…

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